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    Cheap reverse design service

    Cheap reverse designing service

  • Vật liệu 3D bền nhẹ hơn thép được phát minh bởi nhóm sinh viên

    A durable 3D material that is lighter than steel was invented by a group of students


    A 3D material that is more durable than steel is the result of research by a group of students. As more and more 3D printed materials are available, the technology becomes even more useful. Scientists have found 3D printing technology could increase the usefulness of existing materials. With special shapes, we can create materials with […]

    Mua máy in 3D tặng máy quét 3D

    Buy a 3D printer and get a free 3D scanner – Quickly become 1 of 20 lucky customers


    A special promotion to thank customers who have been, or will use, products and services of Smart Design Labs: Buy a 3D printer with a gift of a 3D scanner – applicable to the first 20 customers who bought a printer in December.

    Sample is peeled off the printing table – General experience in processing


    One of the most common mistakes in 3D printing: the pattern is peeling off the printing table. Some people new to 3D printing don’t know how to do it. Smart Design Labs would like to synthesize and give some experience to handle this case. Please read and contribute more.

    Khắc phục các lỗi thường gặp khi in 3D

    Fix common errors when 3D printing


    Fixing common errors when 3D printing with FDM printer is definitely the concern of many people. Let Smart Design Labs together with you to solve troublesome problems like 3D printed filament.

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