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    3D scanner market 2019 – 2024

    The global 3D scanning market is valued at US $ 1,007 billion in 2018 and is expected to reach US $ 3,261 billion by the end of 2024, with a CAGR of 22.21% over the forecast period (2019-2024). 3D scanner is one of the creative that has changed the world. With the growing number of applications, the market under study is expected to witness rapid growth.

    Thị trường máy quét 3D 2019 – 2024

    3D scanning technology has seen significant adoption from commercial applications. Moreover, the flexibility of technology customized to meet the professional needs in various industries has made it deeply popular among major end-user industries.

    For example, in the medical field, 3D scanner is used to model body parts in three dimensions, which are used to create prosthetic limbs. It can also be used to facilitate wound healing and care and to create body transplants.

    In the current scenario, the use of a 3D scanner that provides dimension quality control in the manufacturing and manufacturing of components, both small and large, is extremely important. Whether the use is on-site or at the production site, it becomes important to deliver extremely accurate, ultra-accurate and super-resolution results.

    However, Price is one of the key factors limiting the adoption of 3D scanning solutions, as the technology is still in its infancy, in terms of global and commercial adoption.

    3D scanning of medium range is expected to account for a large market share

    Phase-shift 3D scanners are ideal for mid-range scanning needs, such as large pumps, automobiles and industrial equipment. These scanners capture millions of data points by rotating 360 degrees while rotating a mirror that directs the laser outwards toward 3D objects or areas. The phase shift scanner is more suitable for scanning objects up to 300m or less.

    Medium-range ground laser scanners, which measure distances from point to point within a distance of 2 to 150 meters, are becoming increasingly important for large-scale assembly and manufacturing applications, such as aircraft and ship assembly. Water.

    Automotive radars are a big market for mid- and long-range technologies, and the upward trend of autonomous vehicles is likely to further expand the range of technology.

    For example, in October 2018, US-based Lunewave, a startup that develops radar and radar sensor 3D printing technology for use in self-driving cars and other applications, has raised US $ 5 million in seed funding.

    The United States is one of the most important 3D scanning markets worldwide with health, aerospace and defense, architecture and engineering, 3D digitization corporations, research and education. , entertainment and media are the biggest, and are among the most advanced.

    3D scanning opens up endless possibilities for artists of any kind, allowing them to turn their greatest ideas into reality. For example, the US media and entertainment (M & E) market, which accounts for 33% of the global M & E industry, is the largest M & E market in the world, especially producing 3D animation in the country. This is the place where animation studios like Disney and Pixar are located. Technology drives the film and video game industry – lots of stunts and visual effects will be difficult or even impossible before the advent of 3D scanning.

    Due to Canada’s commitment to public access to health care, government spending on health care exceeds 10% of Canada’s GDP, one of the highest rates in the developed world, the equivalent of more than $ 5,000 in medical spending per capita. These, along with the need for plastic surgery, prosthetics, amputations, etc., are making room for 3D scanners and new scanning technology in the near future.

    Overview of competition in the market

    The 3D scanning market is fragmented. In general, the competition between current competitors is high. Moving forward, new product innovation strategies of large and small companies are creating 3D scanning market. Some of the main players in the market are 3D Systems Inc. and Hexagon AB. Some of the major developments in the region are:

    April 2019 – Creaform launches third generation scanning solution of Go! SCAN. Go! Scan SPARK is a mobile 3D scanner designed for product development professionals.

    February 2019 – 3D system has announced the release of a new version of Geomagic for SOLIDWORKS. With improved workflow, user interface and compatibility with various scanning and import device formats. The company has planned to provide the latest version from March 2019.

    June 2018 – Hexagon AB launched Leica RTC360, a laser scanner equipped with edge computing technology to enable the creation of fast and highly accurate 3D models in the field. According to the company, this is the world’s first 3D laser scanner with automatic on-site pre-registration.

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