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    Cheap reverse design service

    Cheap reverse designing service

  • The Thunk3D Fisher S Scanner


    1. What Is Thunk3D Fisher S Scanner?  The Thunk3D Fisher S is a handheld 3D scanner produced by Thunk3D – The industrial 3D scanner allows you t scan the human body, scanning large objects, and wood carving products with 0.04mm high accuracy  2. Product Specifications – Accuracy 0.04mm – 0.1mm – Scan speed 0.03 seconds […]

    Máy quét 3D eviXscan Heavy Duty Optima

    High precision 3D scanner with reasonable price


    Are you looking for the right 3D scanner that requires high measurement accuracy and a relatively low cost? EviXscan Heavy Duty Optima’s affordable high-precision 3D scanner will fulfill those needs.


    Evixscan 3D scanner imported from Europe at Smart Design Labs Vietnam


    Smart Design Labs is a unit specializing in providing services and equipment in the 3D field in Vietnam, and is a strategic partner of many European businesses. In particular, the prominent brand of Evixscan 3D scanners – a long-standing Polish brand, is preferred by many engineers. What’s so good about this brand? Please join us to find out […]

    Sản phẩm 2 trong 1 - Máy in 3D tích hợp Máy quét 3D

    Super Product 3D printer integrated 3D scanner first in the world branded Smart Design Labs


    3D printer integrated 3D Scanner – 2 in 1 super product of Smart Design Labs. After a period of research and creation, SDLs engineers have created the perfect apparatus for 3D technology. With this combination, the creation and improvement of 3D products will no longer be difficult and cost you and your time.

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