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    Cheap reverse design service

    Cheap reverse designing service

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    Evixscan 3D scanner imported from Europe at Smart Design Labs Vietnam


    Smart Design Labs is a unit specializing in providing services and equipment in the 3D field in Vietnam, and is a strategic partner of many European businesses. In particular, the prominent brand of Evixscan 3D scanners – a long-standing Polish brand, is preferred by many engineers. What’s so good about this brand? Please join us to find out […]

    Máy quét 3D giá rẻ SDLs mua ở đâu?

    Where do cheap 3D scanners SDLs come from?


    Where do cheap 3D scanners SDLs come from? What is 3D scanning? 3D scanning is the process of digitizing a real object using a specialized instrument, such as a CNM touch-screen, Thunk3D Fisher S handheld 3D scanner or EviXscan3D Heavy Duty 3D scanner. 3D scanner The 3D scanner reproduces a 3D model of a real […]

    Máy quét 3D công nghiệp EvixScan3D Heavy Duty Quadro

    3D scanner in industrial prototyping today


    3D scanner in industrial prototyping today 3D scanning technology has become the main tool for complex engineering and part inspection. 3D scanning is also a powerful tool for designing new products. It provides new capabilities for artists, designers and engineers, and allows companies to produce innovative products while saving time and money. 3D scanning also […]

    Máy quét 3D độ chính xác cao với giá cả hợp lý

    Application of 3D scanning technology in reverse engineering and quality control


    3D scanning has opened a new turning point in 3D technology, bringing great benefits and efficiency. The application of 3D scanning technology has made many positive changes in the fields of design; crafts; mechanical production; build,…

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