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    Smart Design Labs is a premier full service company with comprehensive solutions in electronics and in precision dimensional providing a wide array of 3D modeling services (STL to CAD) with the highest standards of accuracy. Our offer is directed to companies and institutions operating in various sectors of the market.

    Our services include 2 important items:

    Reverse engineering : Post-processing point clouds obtained from 3D scanning data into surface-wrap and parametric 3D CAD models.

    Quality control : Performing dimensional inspection and/or 3D analysis of the point cloud relative to engineering drawings and/or 3D CAD models of existing design requirements.

    We strive to do quality work on every project that we take on (High attention to details in creating 3D models, 3D models made to be easily transitioned into production, Guaranteed customer satisfaction, 99.9% guaranteed quality).
    Our targetted customers are leaders in the high technology, medical, defense, automotive, and aerospace sectors in most EU countries, North America.



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