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    Cheap reverse design service

    Cheap reverse designing service

  • Cheap 3D printer in Hanoi – 3D printer SDLs LX

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    Are you looking for a cheap 3D printer to serve the production of models, test products? Cheap 3D printer Hanoi assembled and distributed by Smart Design Labs ready to meet your needs. We introduce the 3D printer SDLs LX with simple design, high efficiency and stable performance.

    Cheap printers Hanoi – 3D printer SDLs LX

    SDLs LX 3D printers are 3D printers using Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM) technology with eye-catching and modern design; brings the best 3D printing experience to users. With outstanding mechanical and electronic advantages and stable performance at high speed; This printer makes quality products. SDLs LX is the perfect solution for Designers and Engineers; allows to manufacture samples right at the office.

    Máy in 3D SDLs LX

    Advantages of cheap SDLs LX printers

    SDLs LX 3D printer with low price but quiet, durable operation; low noise and stable print quality.

    Easy operation and use: With 3D printing software like Simplify3D, users can export files in STL or OBJ format for 3D printing. After importing the file into the printer system, 3D printing takes place completely automatically until the end product is finished. 3D printing couldn’t be easier or more convenient. In addition, the LCD screen on the device also helps users to adjust the device flexibly.

    Máy in 3D SDLs LX

    Technical specifications
    Print size 200 (W) x 200 (L) x 250 (H)
    Nozzle size 0.4mm
    PLA printing materials
    LCD Display Yes
    File supports STL, OBJ
    Simplify3D 3D configuration software
    3D design software supporting Geomagic Design X, …

    Máy in 3D giá rẻ Hà Nội

    Customize machine colors
    Add Personal Logo in the display and body
    Warranty period, special support
    Free accompanying services of Smart Design Labs in the first use: Scan3D, Reverse engineering, Quality control.
    Contact to receive a quotation for 3D printer SDLs HX – Cheap 3D printer in Hanoi

    Smart Design Labs Company Limited

    Address: Room 305B, No. 86 Le Trong Tan, Khuong Mai, Thanh Xuan, Hanoi.

    Phone: 024 7300 1262

    Hotline: 039 595 5749 | 035 873 6772


    Facebook: Smart Design Labs Co., Ltd.

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    Cheap 3D printing materials at Smart Design Labs


    Are you looking for 3D printing materials that cater to your 3D printer? Smart Design Labs offers a wide variety of printing materials in categories; color; uses. Cheap 3D printing materials at Smart Design Labs with high quality are ready to meet all your needs.

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    SDLs HX 3D printer – Cheap 3D printer in Hanoi


    Meet the needs of the 3D printer market in Vietnam, especially in Hanoi; The company Smart Design Labs provides the line of cheap FDM printers with good performance. We would like to introduce the SDLs HX 3D printer with simple design, high productivity, stable printing quality.

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