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  • Evixscan 3D scanner imported from Europe at Smart Design Labs Vietnam

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    Smart Design Labs is a unit specializing in providing services and equipment in the 3D field in Vietnam, and is a strategic partner of many European businesses. In particular, the prominent brand of Evixscan 3D scanners – a long-standing Polish brand, is preferred by many engineers. What’s so good about this brand? Please join us to find out in this article.

    1. History of eviXscan brand

    Evatronix was established in 1991 and is a value added reseller (VAR) of CAD and EDA tools in Poland. Since 1997, Evatronix has been developing the semiconductor IP business. The company has sold more than 1000 licenses for IP cores worldwide. In 2013, the IP business split up and then sold Cadence Design Systems.

    evixscan 3d scanner

    Evatronix Company (Poland)

    From the CAD experience, Evixscan’s engineering team has developed their own 3D scanning technology. This effort was successful and led Evatronix to become a renowned manufacturer of structural light 3D scanners. The scanner products are marketed under the eviXscan 3D brand name through a network of international dealers. In which, Smart Design Labs is the official distributor of Evixscan 3D in Vietnam.

    See more: The cooperation agreement between Evatronix and Smart Design Labs here .

    2. Evixscan 3D scanners

    The 3D scanner at Evatronix is ​​a scanner using structured-light technology. That is, scanners measure objects in three-dimensional space by projecting light patterns at the object and using a camera system to capture the image. In principle, projecting a narrow strip of light onto a surface with a three-dimensional shape creates a light path that appears distorted. The resulting image shows the geometric deformation of a single stripe projected onto a 3D surface. The displacement of these stripes allows to accurately reclaim 3D coordinates of any part on the surface of the object. That is how the Evixscan 3D scanner works.

    Evixscan 3D scanners

    Evixscan 3D scanner

    Thanks to superior product quality, Evatronix has sold thousands of eviXscan 3D scanners around the world. Let’s take a look at some of the outstanding advantages that this series owns:

    • Variety of scanning range
    • High precision.
    • Good resistance to moisture and dust.
    • Scans objects with dark colors and strong reflections.
    • Reasonable price.
    • It’s easy to move.

    3. Evixscan 3D scanners at Smart Design Labs

    Smart Design Labs is proud to be the official distributor of the eviXscan 3D scanner product line in Vietnam. We are pleased to bring to our customers the best eviXscan 3D scanner products with the most affordable prices. Some outstanding products that Smart Design Labs is distributing.

    Evixscan 3D scanners

    EvixScan3D Heavy Duty Quadro Industrial 3D Scanner

    The team of engineers at Smart Design Labs are always happy to help customers answer questions during the process of still operating and using the machine. Thank you and for reading the article at . If you are looking to buy Evixscan 3D scanners. Please contact us at the address below:

    Smart Design Labs Vietnam Company Limited

    Telephone: 024 7300 1262 | 039 5955 749
    👉 Zalo 24/7: 0358736772
    📧 Email:
    🌐 Website:
    👉 Facebook: Smart Design Labs Co., Ltd.
    🏠 Address: 86 Le Trong Tan – Khuong Mai – Thanh Xuan – Hanoi

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