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    Cheap reverse design service

    Cheap reverse designing service

  • Outsources Reverse Engineering Services

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    1. About Outsource Reverse Engineering Services

    Reverse engineering outsources services have appeared in the company Smart Design Labs for many years. Having completed hundreds of Reverse Engineering projects for our customers both domestic and overseas in Europe and the United States. With a team of experienced and well-trained designers, we can provide our customers with the highest quality 3D Reverse Engineering outsourcing services rapidly and efficiently.

    2. Outsources Reverse Engineering Process

    – 3D Scan real objects with a 3D Scanner (e.g.: EviXscan3D Heavy Duty Optima)

    – Convert 3D scanned data (point-cloud) into Mesh models

    – Construct 3D CAD models from scanned data

    – Redesign or improve 3D CAD designs according to customers’ requests

    – Send 3D CAD design back to the customer

    Outsources Reverse Engineering

    Outsources Reverse Engineering


    3. Benefits of Outsourcing Reverse Engineering Projects

    – Skilled workers and designers specialized in 3D Reverse Engineering on your projects with efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

    – Thorough product digitization using 3D scanners to create modifiable 3D CAD models to meet production standards

    – Reduce cost and time drastically

    – Focus on product enhancements while the external Reverse Engineering team works on CAD designs

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