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    Cheap reverse design service

    Cheap reverse designing service

  • quy trình thực hiện các dự án thiết kế ngược tại smart design labs

    Process of implementing reverse engineering projects at Smart Design Labs


    Smart Design Labs is a pioneer in the field of 3D digitizing and providing 3D solutions in the Vietnamese market. With a team of professional engineers, Smart Design Labs has implemented hundreds of reverse engineering projects for domestic and foreign customers. In this article, we would like to send you the basic information about: ” The […]

    Vật liệu 3D bền nhẹ hơn thép được phát minh bởi nhóm sinh viên

    A durable 3D material that is lighter than steel was invented by a group of students


    A 3D material that is more durable than steel is the result of research by a group of students. As more and more 3D printed materials are available, the technology becomes even more useful. Scientists have found 3D printing technology could increase the usefulness of existing materials. With special shapes, we can create materials with […]

    Sản phẩm 2 trong 1 - Máy in 3D tích hợp Máy quét 3D

    Super Product 3D printer integrated 3D scanner first in the world branded Smart Design Labs


    3D printer integrated 3D Scanner – 2 in 1 super product of Smart Design Labs. After a period of research and creation, SDLs engineers have created the perfect apparatus for 3D technology. With this combination, the creation and improvement of 3D products will no longer be difficult and cost you and your time.

    Thiết kế 3D và In 3D quyền trượng hoa hậu

    3D Design and 3D Printing Miss Scepter


    3D design and 3D printing Miss Scepter are requests from SDLs received from customers Linh Huong Cosmetics. Smart Design Labs quickly built and printed 3D models based on customer wishes and descriptions. After that, the product is surface-treated, painted and studded to bring out a stunning beauty.

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