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  • Tặng nhiều nhựa khi Mua máy in 3d Sdls HX

    Mua máy in 3d SDLs HX, tặng nhựa số lượng lớn

    Mua máy in 3d SDLs HX, tặng nhựa số lượng lớn

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    Reverse engineering process in 3D technology


    Reverse engineering is an effective method to minimize product development life cycle. Besides, quality assurance in the design and manufacture of parts with complex surfaces. The purpose of reverse engineering is to achieve mechanical engineering blueprints, and then to optimize product design. The reverse engineering process is described right below.

    Ứng dụng công nghệ quét 3D trong thiết kế ngược

    Application of 3D scanning technology in reverse engineering and quality control


    3D scanning has opened a new turning point in 3D technology, bringing great benefits and efficiency. The application of 3D scanning technology has made many positive changes in the fields of design; crafts; mechanical production; build,…

    Quét 3D kiểm tra chất lượng trong công nghiệp sản xuất ô tô

    Scan 3D quality control in the automotive manufacturing industry


    Scanning 3D for quality control in industry is one of the methods to help detect errors and optimize product quality. This technology is being applied by famous automobile manufacturers; to check the quality of their automotive design and manufacturing.

    Quét 3D màn hình xe ôtô bằng máy quét Thunk3D Fisher W

    Scan 3D car screen with Thunk3D Fisher W scanner


    The application of 3D technology in life and production is becoming diverse. With modern 3D scanners; Data collection for reverse engineering and quality control is increasingly easy. 3D scanning of car screens with the Thunk3D Fisher W scanner is one of the applications of the 3D technology.

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