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  • Applications of Reverse Engineering 1-1

    Reverse Engineering Application


    Applications of Reverse Engineering – Reverse Engineering typically refers to a process in which designers acquire a design concept of a product from digitalization of a physical model, and create a CAD model to realize approximation to the physical model: The model created can be reused, modified and optimized.

    Thiết kế ngược – Khôi phục xe cổ

    Reverse Engineering – Restore antique cars


    Reverse Engineering - Restore antique cars – With old cars no longer produced, it gets harder and harder to find replacing parts. That is when 3D technologies, Reverse Engineering technologies using CAD software like Geomagic Design X in particular, can maximise its capabilities in reverse engineering damaged or warped parts to manufacture new replacements, thus increase the cars’ lives.

    Phần mềm thiết kế ngược Geomagic Design X

    Reverse engineering software Geomagic design X


    Reverse Engineering Software Geomagic Design X – The most comprehensive reverse engineering sofeware capable of transforming all scanned data into CAD models, people often say about it: “ Make everything physical into digital”. Engineers say that to comfirmed the ability of Geomagic and also the power of reverse of reverse engineering can change your perception […]


    Reverse engineering process


    Reverse engineering used actual available object, Through intermediate stages, to bring any object into 3D design environment. Once the object have been put into the dedicated design software (Geomagic design X, Solidwork). Engineers undertake reverse engineering. Redesigning the process according to the wish of the customer.By completing this pharse you will have a complete drawing […]

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