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  • Scan 3D plaster figure with handheld 3D scanner Thunk3D Fisher

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    Scan 3D plaster figure with handheld 3D scanner Thunk3D Fisher

    Thunk3D Fisher 3D scanners are 3D laser scanners with very fast scanning speed and high accuracy, standard deviation of up to 0.04mm compared to real objects, very suitable for object-related uses. There are complex shapes and many details that conventional measurement methods are difficult or impossible to achieve. One such application is 3D plastering with the handheld 3D scanner Thunk3D Fisher.

    3D Scanning process of plaster surface using Thunk3D Fisher handheld 3D scanner
    Step 1: Prepare the specimen of the plaster statue

    For mid-to-large size models, having a lot of smooth, smooth surfaces makes it easy for the 3D scanner to lose alignment with the object. Therefore, users should use marker stickers to help support a fast and smooth 3D scanning process.

    Step 2: Scan 3D specimens

    The 3D scanning itself is very fast. The specimen can be completely scanned in less than 3 minutes.

    Quét 3D bề mặt tượng thạch cao sử dụng máy quét 3D cầm tay Thunk3D Fisher

    Step 3: Preliminary processing point-cloud data

    After the 3D scanning process is complete, users can process Point-cloud data into a mesh (Meshing) right on the 3D scanning software and export the file in STL format to continue post-processing, editing on Dedicated 3D graphics software such as Geomagic Design X.

    Quét 3D bề mặt tượng thạch cao sử dụng máy quét 3D cầm tay Thunk3D Fisher

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