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    Cheap reverse design service

    Cheap reverse designing service

  • Scan 3D and process 3D scan files accurately, cheaply – Smart Design Labs

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    To obtain detailed and accurate images of a product, skills in 3D scanning and file processing are required. At Smart Design Labs, we provide quality, cheap file processing and 3D scanning services. Especially, when you buy a 3D scanner, our engineers will train these skills for free.

    Cheap 3D scanning service

    Do you have models and objects to clone? Need precision in every detail? 3D scanning is the best option for you.

    Any material, any shape, 3D scanning technology can obtain the most accurate image. In particular, at Smart Design Labs, we use Thunk 3D scanner with accuracy up to 0.1mm.

    Get cheap, accurate 3D scans of any size. Best available rates in the market. Quality guaranteed with engineers with long experience.

    3D scan file processing service

    After 3D scanning, the file is obtained but cannot be used immediately. The resulting files must be processed. With our professional and experienced team, it will be extremely simple. Please rest assured after processing you will get the most perfect and accurate file. The cost for this job is also negligible.

    Quét 3D bề mặt tượng gỗ sử dụng máy quét 3D cầm tay Thunk3D Fisher

    If you are thinking of buying yourself a 3D scanner to do these yourself. That is also a good option. Can be used in a long and economical manner.

    At Smart Design Labs, when you buy a 3D scanner you will receive many special offers. You will be supported 24 / 24h and directly trained in the necessary skills.


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    Facebook: Smart Design Labs Co., Ltd.

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