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    Cheap reverse designing service

  • The Thunk3D Fisher S Scanner

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    1. What Is Thunk3D Fisher S Scanner? 

    The Thunk3D Fisher S is a handheld 3D scanner produced by Thunk3D – The industrial 3D scanner allows you t scan the human body, scanning large objects, and wood carving products with 0.04mm high accuracy

    The Thunk3D Fisher S

    The Thunk3D Fisher S

     2. Product Specifications

    – Accuracy 0.04mm – 0.1mm
    – Scan speed 0.03 seconds / image (~ 33.33 images / sec)
    – Scanning area:
    + Standard mode: 30 x 24 cm
    +Fine mode: 12 x 10 cm
    – Maximum scanning size:
    – Standard Mode: 15-500cm
    – Fine Mode: 5-50cm

    – Point distance:12 – 2mm
    – Alignment: Marker, Feature
    – Data format: ASC, OBJ, STL, PLY
    – Special request: No
    – Operating System: Win7 (64bit +), Win8, Win10

    3. The Advantages Of The Thunk3D Fisher S Scanner

    – Scan with structured light technology and alarm lost tracking, helping you not worry about operating distance.

    – Align Feature and Marker, suitable for large scanning objects from 5 to 500cm, besides, can also scan objects 2-4cm with lower resolution

    – Standard and Fine scan modes, fully flexible scanning, no additional accessories required, free software to export fully sealed data.

    – Frames are automatically aligned in real-time, can quickly recover from lost tracking.

    – Accuracy up to 0.04mm, can 3D scan cars, carvings, faces, human bodies, works of art, etc.

    – It is easy for everyone to use.

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