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    Cheap reverse design service

    Cheap reverse designing service

  • 3D Thunk3D Cooper M20 Scanner


    1. About Cooper M20 Scanner – The Thunk3d Cooper M20 3d scanner is an affordable price machine with a highly accurate one. The machine is manufactured by Thunk3d – a professional company specializing in providing scanners for the 3D field in China. This scanner is an excellent choice for those who want a 3D scanner […]

    3D Scanner Thunk3D Fisher W (50*40cm ROV)


    1. About 3D Scanner Thunk 3D Fisher W The market of 3D Scanners – 3D printer is extremely diverse with a variety of designs and prices as well as scanning technology. One of the scanners most chosen by Smart Design Labs customers is the Thunk3D Fisher W (50 * 40cm ROV) 3D scanner – a […]

    Máy Scan Thunk3D Fisher S

    Thunk3D Fisher S Scanner – Multifunction handheld 3D scanner


    The Thunk3D Fisher S scanner is currently the best scanner in its class with diverse scanning modes and high accuracy. Let’s take a look at the parameters of the handheld 3D scanner right below.

    Giảm giá 15% máy quét 3D - máy Scan 3D cầm tay

    HOT Promotion: 15% discount on 3D scanner – Scanner Thunk3D


    November is the month of gratitude. To pay tribute to customers and increase the temperature for the early cold windy days of the season; Smart Design Labs HOT Promotion: 15% off 3D scanner – Scanner Thunk3D. Let’s find out about the promotion below.

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